The Beauty of Peace: The Peace of Beauty

Cloister, Bellapais Abbey_Fotor

The above image is a re-working of a photo I took of the cloisters at Bellapais Abbey – the Abbey of Peace and Beauty – which is the ruin of a monastery built in the 13th century on the northern side of the historic village of Bellapais. The ruin is  220m above sea level, about five or ten minutes from the centre of Kyrenia, and from it you look up to the majestic Besparmak Mountains and down over the historic port, along the coast and over the Mediterranean sea.

The ruins are extraordinary and full of grace, even now.  You walk in and feel the peace, as well as see the beauty of the ancient structure.  Parts are still in use – the refectory is used for concerts and there is a restaurant with wonderful views over the surrounding countryside.

But when you move around the ruins, the absolute sense of peace eases into your body, mind and spirit, and the history of the place – a monastery for centuries – surrounds you and reminds you of the unbroken link between past and present.

I created the above digital art to expand on the feeling of being among so many benign ghosts in this elegant ruin, to reflect the sense of mystery and Divinity which radiates from every stone in the building, and the stars (as usual in my artwork) reflecting the long history of Bellapais and its service to the Divine over the centuries.

If you want further information on this beautiful space, here’s a link: Wikipedia – Bellapais Abbey

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