The Trails of History

Columns close to Fish Market, 1 Salamis_FotorThe above piece of  digital art is created from a photo I took of columns near the fish ponds at the ancient, historical site of Salamis. This huge site is on the south coast of North Cyprus, a few kilometres east of the historic port of Famagusta. More details can be found on this link: Wikipedia – History of Salamis, Cyrpus

My husband and his friends used to play in Salamis when he was a kid, living in Famagusta with his mum and siblings, while his father served in the army in Suez. They found the ruts made by chariots when Salamis was a thriving metropolis and I think that’s amazing.

It was just as amazing when we visited this site – to realise you’re walking along pavements where there has been a human presence since the eleventh century BC (Late Bronze Age III). It’s now very overgrown and we couldn’t find the chariot ruts but the rest of the site is fascinating – fish ponds, latrines, amphitheatre, Temple of Zeus, gymnasium with huge columns still standing tall, just heaps of treasures literally at our feet.

It’s why I liked the final digital art version of the photo I took near the fish ponds because the stars in the sky, to me, reflect the on-going history of this marvellous historic site.  You can walk for miles finding all sorts of goodies  from ancient times and the stars have looked down as people have visited Salamis over the centuries, a never-ending procession of humanity in all its shapes and forms.

4 thoughts on “The Trails of History

  1. Just thought I would let you know. Your weblog link that comes up in notifications doesn’t work. It’s .com. I think under the Gravatar. You can delete this comment. Best Wishes!


    1. Thanks, Tracy – I know the link doesn’t work any more, there’s some kind of stuff-up between the name expiring and its link to the blog on WordPress. I have no idea how to change it except to hang on until the link expires in July. It’s a real nuisance but I’m not internet cluey enough to sort it out.


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