And as Hearts Melted

In the frozen wastes of fear, hatred and

lost memories of community

hearts ached with memories of joy,

love and laughter

haunting the echoing chambers of

cold, sad spirit and soul.

Ann's Waterfall (2)

Memories sang in distant halls

of love and its power

to bridge chasms and

leap over mountains of distrust,

to open up the vast halls of

frozen passion,

to bring the power of courage to mortal lives,

to the chant of love pealing

through the shadows as

 hearts and souls lit up in memories recalled

of times of loving kindness.

Ann's Waterfall (3)

And one bright day

the ice melted, the warmth of love

sprang forth and multiplied

until once again hearts and souls

remembered the power of love,

the joy of community,

the fire of passion and

the unity of all humanity.

And people hugged, loved, laughed, cried with happiness and

forgot forever the frozen wastes that were melting,

filling hearts and souls with divine happiness

in the glow of bells pealing out the sound of love.

Ann's Waterfall 4

 (I am indebted for my inspiration to two images of waterfalls – one flowing, one frozen – from The Republic of Ann, a blog by Ann who creates wonderful photography from The Rockies in America)

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