Sacred Sanctuary Space

Sacred Space

Zultanite My friend, Dawn, who sells crystals in North Cyprus, brought back a rare, new stone from her recent trip to Istanbul.  It’s called Zultanite, I’ve been wearing it over my thymus centre and found it has encouraged focus, creativity, calmness, spiritual centring and self-care.

Zultanite is so rare it is only found in Anatolia, Turkey.The name pays homage to the sultans of the Ottoman Empire in the late 13th century, laying the foundation for modern day Turkey. Zultanite is an intriguing stone because it can display a whole range of colours. Mine is generally colourless to a light grey-green, but at the base has a lovely rainbow and you can see flashes of deep pink. This piece is framed by marcasite.

As I’ve been working with Zultanite, I felt the urge to create a sacred sanctuary space on the verandah just outside my study.  It’s a very special space, has lattice around it to give it privacy, and has lovely views to the north of the Besparmak Mountains, to the Mediterranean in the south, and across a very lush paddock to the west, the lushness due to the heavy rains we’ve had here in Cyprus this past winter and spring. It connects me with nature which really feeds my soul and spirit.

Below are photos of my new sacred space – actually encouraged by the fact that the cold weather has gone and we have really hit spring: 32C (90F) tomorrow. As we get strong winds blowing across the paddock from the west in winter, this space is really only comfortable when the days warm up.

Sacred Santuary Stones
Petrified wood, clear quartz cluster, Buddha statue and angel figurine on the small ledge overlooking my sacred space.

Sacred Sanctuary  Sacred Sanctuary Space (2)

Sacred Sanctuary Space (3)
View from my Sanctuary ‘Space over paddock adjoining our apartment. The building on the right is one of the Merit Hotels dotted along the coast – we call it Legoland because it’s so kitsch.
Zen space view
Our plant pots running along beside our apartment.


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