Rising Up

Rising Up

The above image is very deliberate and symbolic, as opposed to my usual digital art creation where I poke around until I get an “aha” moment.

The blue signifies communication of community voice through social media around the world.  The hand signifies the rising up of communities around the world and saying “Enough – no more” to corporate thugs, their toerags in office, whether it be elected office, or dictatorship, and the gangster police forces stomping on people’s rights and lives.

The pink signifies people speaking from the heart to voice the needs and demands of the 99% who are worse off each day as the mega-millionaires siphon off more of the wealth of this planet. And the clouds represent the erosion of old-style obfuscation and smoke and mirrors, with correspondingly  increasing clarity with which people are seeing the reality of the world today – the greed of the super-wealthy at the expense of the great majority of people around the world.

The butterflies represent the changing, transforming times where people are rising up; where the old-style media can no longer operate the way it has in the past; where governments can’t get away with lies and where police forces can’t kill with impunity or lie about their violence because people are recording it on social media.

I created this image because I was totally gobsmacked by two things I saw today. The first was coverage by the Murdoch-owned newspaper of a giant demonstration in Melbourne, Australia, against forced closures of remote Aboriginal communities by the Western Australian government, in cohorts with the Federal conservative government.  The Murdoch headline read: “Still a rabble; Still Selfish” with a photo showing thousands of people protesting in central Melbourne. Nothing about the heart of the protests – Aboriginal dispossession, yet again.

The second incident was the arrest by Baltimore police of the man who filmed the brutal arrest of Freddie Gray who died in police custody. Kevin Moore claimed that the police had been harassing and intimidating him. The arrest came just before the Baltimore attorney announced that six police officers would be charged with the murder of Mr Gray.

Both these instances showed the old style of behaviour which has characterised the mass media and police. Yet neither seem to have got it through their thick heads that the old ways aren’t working. Murdoch is a moribund old dinosaur whose media outlets are being superceded by social media telling the truth of events instead of lies, while the cops seem to think that arresting the whistle-blower will somehow shut him up when too many know who he is, where he is and that he is a hero for shoving his head over the parapet to release the footage he took of Gray’s arrest.

A commentary on an earlier post pointed out that cell phones have become a potent tool for social justice but, when you think of it, it’s more than that: it’s for the truth which can’t be swept under the carpet as it could in the past when people did not have the democratic power of social media.

Bob Dylan may have written and sung “The times they are a’changin'” in 1964, but the words are achingly valid today.


2 thoughts on “Rising Up

  1. beautiful. and appropriate.I signed up on your invitation to the australian fb pageand you are so right: social media is changing and will continue to change what *real* thugs can get away with

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 16:57:11 +0000 To: info@tammyvitale.com


    1. Thanks, Tammy, yes, social media is really changing this fast – FB had a report about the charges against the Baltimore cops almost as soon as the announcement was made. And the coverage of the worldwide protests against forced removal of Aboriginal people from their communities has gone viral too.


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