Molly – Anubis, the Jackal-Headed God


I took this photo of our dog, Molly, one day when she suddenly decided to sit on our large coffee table.  She looked so regal, independent and self-contained that she reminded me of the image of Anubis, the jackel-headed god in Egyptian mythology.

Molly and her sister, Milly, were the last two dogs we adopted. We found them outside our apartment hiding under a neighbour’s car, scared stiff and shaking like a leaf when we finally managed to pull them out.  Now they are two different dogs – happy, lively, but still both a bit insecure from their earlier experiences.

Our other two dogs are Zoe, who is a  German Shepherd likely crossed with a Doberman, a very gentle giant (thank goodness), and Ziggy, a hairy larrikin of indeterminate origin who is a joyful pooch, always up for a game and leaping and bounding around the garden.

When we moved to North Cyprus, by the way, we were going to be footloose and fancy-free, but the dogs obviously saw an invisible sign: “Looking for a home? Head this way to the Pet Hotel MoBro”!

Dad's gone shopping!
Mollly, Ziggy, Zoe & Milly – they’re all waiting for God (aka my husband) to return home from doing the shopping.


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