Freedom to Fly

There is a simple message here – be true to yourself, trust yourself and you will fly with the best possible emotions – love, self-confidence, happiness, creativity.  Too often these days joy is squashed out of us by rules, regulations, nose to the grindstone work, interminable, stressful  and boring testing in schools and universities, when … More Freedom to Fly

Spring is Sprung

Spring has finally arrived here in North Cyprus after a long, cold, wet winter and a very dodgy start to spring – moving from sunny days back to wet, windy spells.  But now we’re around 28-32C (82-90F) pretty much every day, the sun is bright in the sky which is now a bright blue virtually … More Spring is Sprung

Lambousa Spirits

Lambousa is an ancient, historical site about five minutes from where we live on the north coast of North Cyprus. It was once an important, bustling sea port but declined in importance as people moved in land for protection against various sea-born attacks from the various countries surrounding Cyprus. There you can find rock tombs … More Lambousa Spirits

Home Alone

Something a little different – I was waiting for my husband, Bryan, at a cafe in Kyrenia/Girne when I saw an abandoned home and took a photo. I fiddled with it this afternoon and quite like this image.

Be Brave, Bodacious, Brilliant, Brazen, Bold – Be You!

This post was inspired by reading an interview with a woman who left her husband when she was 40’ish because she wanted to follow a spiritual path and, according to the interview, she said he didn’t.  Now you might say, good on her, and yes, follow your own path by all means. But I’m rather … More Be Brave, Bodacious, Brilliant, Brazen, Bold – Be You!