Gardens of Light

When I finished this image, I felt it reminded me of the energies you can feel in gardens and also, if you look slightly aside from individual plants and trees, you can see the light field around them.

Nature’s Grace

I created this from a photo of an ancient tree, super-imposed with a photo of wildflowers in the orange orchard beside our apartment block – the old and the new together.

Magic of Nature

I’ve got a stinker of a cold which I’ve caught from my husband so I’m just doddling with art at the moment.   I decided I’d post a few pieces of digital art I’ve created over the past few months but never got around to publishing the images. This one I’ve called “Magic of Nature” … More Magic of Nature

Fire Element

Well, I got all fired up (if you’ll excuse the pun, ahem) with the Fire Element, and ended up with three images. I couldn’t make my mind up so I decided to post all three. Fire relates to passion, energy, creativity, action, warmth, will power, drive and motion. However, Fire can also be destructive if … More Fire Element

Earth Element

I created this from an earlier piece of digital art I never got around to using, and super-imposed an image of a photo I took of a piece of polished rock, Astronomite, found at the Northern end of Lake Argyle, which is located in the Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia.  It is 600 million years … More Earth Element