In Praise of Heroes

In Praise of Heroes

This piece of digital art and this post are to honour unsung heroes around the world.

They were prompted by reading this week of a couple who have kitted out their ship to help rescue migrants at sea in the Mediterranean as they flee the chaos of war and conflict in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Africa and so on. Christopher and Regina Catrambone have bought a 131ft former trawler, the Phoenix. They fitted it out with fast rescue vessels and a clinic, and they’ve hired a team of doctors and nurses.  They’ve also purchased two top-grade military drones to track down boats which are too small to show on radar.

It reminded me that all around the world there are unsung, unseen heroes who have opened their hearts to help those in need – whether it be to staff food banks in the UK; to save migrants as the Catrambones have done; to open their hearts to those in need as those in Sicily have done; to work in conflict or disaster areas around the globe as aid workers do or medical staff in Medicins sans Frontieres; to those currently working in Nepal to help the many thousands affected by the huge earthquake; to those working for decent treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia; and many, many others who offer help without any expectation of reward or fame.

I noticed one comment by a Sicilian – that they know a great deal about hardship and they know poverty, so they are prepared to open their hearts to those poor people turning up on Sicilian shores. I’ve noticed that those with the least, give the most. The unsung, unknown, unfeted, unacknowledged heroes around the world fill my heart with hope and gratitude for their courage, generosity and open hearts.



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