Art of the Sun in North Cyprus

I was going through photos I’ve taken and came across three which are really part of a set, but I don’t think I’ve published them as such so here they are – scenes of nature in North Cyprus. I would like to claim that I created the colours in these photos, but truth to tell they all came out as sepia because I was shooting into the sun!

Mountains & Sun 1
Sun over Besparmak Mountains
Olive Tree & Sun
Sun and Olive Tree
Sun & Grass
Sun and Grasses


5 thoughts on “Art of the Sun in North Cyprus

  1. Very beautiful photos Mo 😀
    When you like one of my posts, I see your name TheCrazyCrone and down your name it written Maybe you could change that to .org?
    I’m so bad to remember the full address why I haven’t visited you much for a time. I love your art, so it would help me to find you more fast, if you changed.
    I hope you are feeling better again 😀


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