Fire Element

Well, I got all fired up (if you’ll excuse the pun, ahem) with the Fire Element, and ended up with three images. I couldn’t make my mind up so I decided to post all three.

Fire relates to passion, energy, creativity, action, warmth, will power, drive and motion. However, Fire can also be destructive if it is allowed to rage out of control within you, and is not tempered with patience and self-control.  Fire in some circumstances may look destructive, as in bush fires in Australia, but those same fires also act as regenerative energies. How one interacts with fire is each person’s individual choice and pathway –  creation or destruction. A balance can take one on a passionate path filled with purpose and a powerful heart energy.

We also need to remember that we live with the fire of the sun and its life-giving energies. As well, we dance in our souls and spirits with the fires and songs of all creations in the galaxy and, in our daily life, we can sing them down to earth to incorporate them into our hearts and souls and bring them to creative life at our planetary level.

Fire element 1
This image reflects our connections with energies beyond our own planetary limits which we can use to energise our creative abilities and passion for life – however we are drawn to live that life.
Fire Element 2
This image relates particularly to the galaxy and the fires of stars billions of light years away which still reach our planet and remind us that we are limitless in our abilities and creative fires.
Fire element
This is another version of Image No. 1 but with more emphasis on fire and its role in living a heartfelt life.


10 thoughts on “Fire Element

    1. Glad to be of service, Ann – after a long, cold, wet winter and spring (by Cyprus standards), we’re heading into Spring proper with lovely days in the mid-20Cs. (mid-70sF), thank goodness. You’ll probably think we’re wimps!


    1. Glad you like them, Irene. I have no idea how to sort out the v. What I’m hoping to do is contact WordPress and ask them to get rid of completely, so I’ll let you know how I’m going with all this.

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