Water Element: Worship Water

Water Element

I used as a foundation for the water element a photo of a rather lovely turquoise pendant in my jewellery collection.  It’s Iranian turquoise and has a surround of marcasite.  I trimmed the photo to a close-up, then used a “liquify” function on Photoshop to get rid of the marcasite.  Then I fiddled and faddled as usual with PicMonkey and Pixlr, eventually including a photo of the moon as it has such an effect on Earth’s water and on our emotions and emotional mark-up.

The dark corners are to signify the black threads which can affect us emotionally, causing mental challenges which can affect all of us from time to time. The corner glyphs represent the need to set compassionate, appropriate boundaries for ourselves, to protect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

Water governs emotions, feelings, moods, sensitivity, compassion, tears, psychic abilities, flowing energies, healing, loving and purifying. In this day and age, it is an element which is under-valued. Too often in fast-paced Western societies where there is so much fast living, macho attitude, competition and value on extrovert behaviour, the sensitivity of the water element is often disregarded, swept under the carpet or viewed with contempt and disrespect. Yet emotional sensitivity is something desperately needed in an era when love and compassion are such important elements in opening our hearts to so many in need on this planet.

We might also bear in mind that, with climate change proceeding apiece, water is an element which in some areas is becoming increasingly scarce and prospects loom of struggle and competition for an element which is vital for our survival, with 50-75%  of our bodies being composed of water.

Turquoise pendant with marcasite surround.
Turquoise pendant with marcasite surround.



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