Earth Element

Earth Element

I created this from an earlier piece of digital art I never got around to using, and super-imposed an image of a photo I took of a piece of polished rock, Astronomite, found at the Northern end of Lake Argyle, which is located in the Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia.  It is 600 million years old and is unique to Australia.

I felt this reflected the deep connection with Mother Earth that First Nations experience in ways which are likely pretty alien to a great many people in Western civilisations.  I know that I read about the spiritual life and gifts of Aboriginal people and feel that, if we disrespect this knowledge and wisdom, something invaluable will be lost to generations today and of the future.

A while back I had a dream in which I was told to sit quietly, imagine breathing in and out,  then putting my hands either side of my body, palms down, and simply tune into whatever feeling or message I got from Mother Earth. That’s what the image of the hand represents in the above artwork.

The idea is to listen rather than to have pre-conceived ideas of what we want for Gaia or what she needs. You may want to try this but be aware of how you use your senses – you may get images, or hear something, feel something or sense something.  Each of us is unique and each experience is unique, there is no comparison with anyone else.

I have actually done a video for this but uploading it is a bit challenging at present. I used to use Windows Movie Maker but it won’t download any more and, while Vigleo tells me it’s uploaded a video to my Facebook and YouTube pages, nothing’s appeared. So I’ll have to have another go tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Earth Element

    1. Thanks, Otto – I love the hand image because it reminds me of rock art in Australia and elsewhere in the world. The Shining Tribe of artists and creative people from time immemorial (I got the term “Shining Tribe” from Rachel Pollack and her Tarot deck, by the way).

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