Romantic Roses

I donated one of my rose digital art works to a raffle this week, looked at other images I’d created over these past months and decided to devote this post to roses as they really are the most wonderful flower. I absolutely adore the Apothecary’s Rose in our front garden – it’s an ancient rose of the Turkish region and has an enormous centre. It seems to be that it’s continuing existence and sturdiness signifies the history of the region and the thread of past, present and future which links the lives of past, present and future generations.  Roses here are either au naturel or in some I’ve worked on them digitally.

Here we go:

All You Need is Love Apothecary's Rose Revisited Blue Moon Rose.jpg Heart Whispers Heartofarose.jpg   Yellow rosebud Yellow rosed Rose - pink, front garden Rose - Double Delight 4 Rose - Double Delight 3 Rose - Double Delight 1 RedRose.jpg Red Rosebud Heart of the Rose 1 Purple Rose in sunlight Red Rose

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