Mellow, Yellow North Cyprus

This is the last of today’s posts about flowers!

North Cyprus tends to be a bit of a wildish place – there’s plenty of empty land around where plants run riot and little control is exerted. You often see the odd cow and goats and sheep feeding on these pieces of land. And I happen to think it looks quite good to see areas of this planet left unchained and allowed to run riot, although I know it drives some ex-pats bonkers.

This time of the year, North Cyprus is yellow – yellow mimosa (in Australia it’s known as wattle); wild, yellow daisies; yellow oxalis; yellow rapeseed flowers; yellow wild fennel flowers. Of course, the purists will shudder at what are considered weeds running riot, but it makes for a colourful show in Spring and makes the whole north of the island look very bright and cheery.

Paddock beside our apartment
Yellow flowers, meadow
Yellow daisy-like flowers in the paddock beside our apartment, as well as flowering all over North Cyprus.
Wild asparagus, spring 2015
Wild asparagus flowers
Acacia, Spring 2015
Mimosa – flowers all over the place and lines the roads here in North Cyprus.













6 thoughts on “Mellow, Yellow North Cyprus

  1. WOW! you just lit up my day…..I too, love the ‘weeds’ our most annoying ones are dandelions, and I always get in trouble with the perfect gardeners – ah well. We also have crocus and daffs and forsythia bushes which are gloriously yellow and of course, tulips – but sad to say on the 4th day of April, in eastern Canada (Nova Scotia) we are surrounded by very high banks of snow still that are left after two months of constant storms – huge storms this year for our area – but, it’s raining today and things are melting some…..if I could figure out how to use the camera on this new Mac I’d send photos – so thanks for all the yellow that is allowed to grow wild for the animals and the human eyes to fill with that glorious color….


    1. Lovely to hear from you, Harolyn, and glad you liked the photos. I find “weeds” very pretty, we don’t seem to recognise their tenacity and fearlessness. Can’t say I envy you the snow and storms, although we’ve had some pretty cold, wet winter this year. Good for us as Cyprus is so dry and last year we had a drought during and after the summer until the rains came. Take good care of yourself! xxxx


    1. Thanks, Teagan. They have lovely food here and the cakes are to die for. Luckily Bryan doesn’t like sweet things so I’m not tempted to buy the cakes as they’re always huge and I’d never be able to eat them myself.


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