Brilliant Bougainvilleas

To our relief, our bougainvilleas have just starting sending out shoots after they got whopped by very cold weather coming in from the north.  In the summer the island is alight with the bright colours of bougainvilleas, a really wonderful sight.

Bougainvillea - bi-colour - Copy Bougainvillea - deep pink Bougainvillea - orange & pink Bougainvillea - pink & white Bougainvillea, amethyst Bougainvillea, front fence Bougainvillea, pink 1 Bougainvillea, pink BougainvilleaBunch.jpg Bougainvilleas, Marilyn's house



2 thoughts on “Brilliant Bougainvilleas

    • Yes, I suddenly felt the urge to get into the flower pics today, no idea why, but I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely flowers. It’s great here now – bougainvilleas got new leaves, gazanias in full flower, lots of different daisies, so much colour. Lovely after a long, wet, cold winter and spring (by our standards, anyway!).


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