Glorious Gazanias

One of my very favourite flowers is the gazania.  Not only does it come in an amazing variety of bright, beautiful colours, it’s hard to kill which is great for me as I only have to look at most flowers and they keel over.  Not the bright, brave gazania – it waves back and even … More Glorious Gazanias

Brilliant Bougainvilleas

To our relief, our bougainvilleas have just starting sending out shoots after they got whopped by very cold weather coming in from the north.  In the summer the island is alight with the bright colours of bougainvilleas, a really wonderful sight.  

Heavenly Hibiscus

Second to last in this series on flowers are photographs I’ve taken of hibiscus here in North Cyprus.  They are a wonderful, hardy flower in this climate and provide brilliant splashes of colour as individual plants and hedges.

Funky Freesias

Along the same lines of the roses, here are photos of our spring freesias which have made a brilliant show this year. They are just now dying back.

Romantic Roses

I donated one of my rose digital art works to a raffle this week, looked at other images I’d created over these past months and decided to devote this post to roses as they really are the most wonderful flower. I absolutely adore the Apothecary’s Rose in our front garden – it’s an ancient rose … More Romantic Roses