Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic (2)

I created this from a photo I took of the Besparmak Mountain range which runs close and parallel to the north coast of North Turkey.  When I look out of my window to the south, the mountain range faces me and I love it because it’s different every day of the week – sometimes clear and sharp, sometimes hazy, other times completely obscured by cloud and sometimes rain.

I learned to love mountains when we lived in northern New South Wales at Woodenbong, high on the caldera of an ancient volcano. The creative energies there were extremely powerful and I became aware of a deep love I had of mountains and high places. I had experienced this. on the moors of North Yorkshire where I’d studied at University and lived in 2002-4. I used to love visiting Haworth, high on the moors, where the Bronte sisters lived but I hadn’t really become aware of my love mountains and high areas on Mother Earth until our time in Woodenbong.

I think here in North Cyprus we have the best of both worlds – mountains behind us to the south, the Mediterranean five minutes away to the north.

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