Home Again

I got back to North Cyprus on Wednesday last week but had such a hectic time during my short stay in London for my third reunion with university friends that I decided to give myself a good rest.

I’m not sure what happens to me in the UK but something gets activated. When I lived there in 2002-4, my healing abilities went through the roof, much to my surprise. The first time I realised something odd was going on was when a friend commented their wrist was very painful, I held it for a few minutes allowing healing energy to flow and was quite taken aback when she suddenly perked up and said her wrist was heaps better. I squeaked: “Really?” which I guess isn’t quite the response from a healer, but she was delighted.  I also worked on my daughter’s back and her pain went within minutes – not for long though as she rushed back to do gardening, stuffed her back again, and returned for more healing work, plus she left with admonition from me that I’d give her a hard time if she didn’t rest her back for a while. And finally I did some healing on a person who had back pain, tapped into childhood physical abuse, and got vivid images of exercises for him to do to complement the healing work I did and wah-lah! his back got better straight away.

This time I haven’t stopped dreaming – from the first night I arrived in London to last night here in North Cyprus. I dream all night long and they seem to be about saving or rescuing people, fighting aggressive people and always winning whatever challenge I’m facing in each dream. I’m still working on this one as I believe I can offer hopeful, healing words and images but people need to save themselves and stand on their own two feet. If anyone’s got any ideas, feel free to let me know!

Anyway, I also decided to play at tourist while I was in London.  I stayed with a good friend from my uni days and shared flat days when we were both working in London, then caught up with a few mates from our languages course at the University of Bradford, in Yorkshire, in the north of London.  They were very happy days for me and it was great to meet up with old friends and start yakking as if we hadn’t all gone in different directions in the past 40+ years.

So here are some pics of my stay, including playing the Country Cousin taking photos as we travelled through London in a taxi, and getting admonished to make sure my bag was zipped up as here in North Cyprus I never have to worry about theft, the crime rate is incredibly low.  I really enjoyed my London visit, the city has an amazing atmosphere BUT people look frazzled, tense and are always rushing. Having lived in rural or semi-rural areas now for 20+ years, I’m very happy to get back to a slow pace of life, my loving husband, my welcoming dogs who went bonkers when I walked into our apartment, and the richness of nature all around me.

Blackbird in my friend’s garden – one of the things I miss about the UK.
Ferry boat on Thams
Ferry Boat on Thames


Larnaca Airport
Larnaca Airport
Larnaca Coffee Lounge 1
Coffee Lounge at Larnaca Airpot
Nelson's Column
Nelson’s Column
People Queuing at Madame Taussauds
People queuing at Madam Tussauds
Reunion 1, Royal Festival Hall coffee shop
My friends and I at the coffee shop, first level, Royal Festival Hall, London. One person is missing – she had to leave early to catch a train home. Two others couldn’t make it due to illness.
The Eye
The London Eye, next door to the Royal Festival Hall
Waterloo Bridge & Thames
Waterloo Bridge & Thames
Reunion, Royal Festival Hall coffee shop
Another photo of my uni friends – taken by me. A fellow diner kindly consented to take the other photo!
Royal Festival Hall, Outside Coffee area
Outside eating area at Royal Festival Hall
Shaftesbury Avenue Theatreland
Theatreland – Shaftesbury Avenue
The Shaftesbury Theatre
Shaftesbury Theatre
Taking off from Heathrow
Taking off from Heathrow back to North Cyprus
View from RFS Coffee shop towards Thames
View from Royal Festival Hall Coffee shop towards Thames


4 thoughts on “Home Again

    1. Yes, I did like them, Ken, nice surprise to hear from you and a big surprise to see those photos after such a long time. I had a) no idea I was pretty attractive in those days and b) absolutely no idea why Ruth and I dressed up in night gear for a photo, with me wearing a tea cosy on my head and looking as mad as a hatter! I’ve passed on the photo of Ruth to her and she was very pleased to see it. f Hope you’re keeping well and you’ve had a good life, as I have.


  1. Great post and more great that your trip went out so well Mo 🙂
    Nice to be able to visit your website again. Your art blog never shows up in my Reader.


    1. Glad you’re able to visit the website again, and I have no idea how WordPress operates. I have some of my favourite blogs, like yours, set to e-mail, but they never arrive and I just have to take a punt on what turns up when I go to “Blogs I follow”.


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