Creative Passion

Creative Passion

When I was much younger, my then boyfriend loftily told me I had no imagination. Actually, I should have ripped his head off for such an offensive comment.  But I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence when I was young and this comment dogged me for a long time. It reminds me of the unkind comments teachers, lecturers, critics and even friends can make that undermine our self-confidence.

So this image comes with a brief comment – for god’s sake create whatever gives you joy and tell anyone who tries to drag you down to get lost.  Your passion is your passion – indulge it every day and give thanks for whatever lights your life and makes this world a better place.

13 thoughts on “Creative Passion

  1. Yes, I totally agree, Mo, creativity is the thing, and we should go for it at every opportunity. My working life was in science and analysis, but I’ve always had (inherited) creative yearnings, and in 2002 I decided to start really thinking creatively about photography and have never looked back. Blogging, and the advent of digital photography, have hugely aided my endeavours. Adrian


    1. Yes, it’s easy to stay in a known grove, isn’t it, Adrian, but it feels so much better when you take the leap and start doing what really lifts your spirits. I really believe that the digital area has democratised photography for so many people, because it makes photography easier, more accessible and affordable. Great times we live in. Just wish they’d encourage creativity and individual initiative in our places of learning.

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      1. Your absolutely right about digital having democratised photography. I’ve been photographing for 55 years or so and of course the great bulk of that was with film. I was ok at it, I produced good images, but the switch to digital unleashed previously unheard of creative potential that is simply staggering – it both made things far more accessible, as well as facilitating things that simply could not have been done with film. Encouraging creativity and initiative – maybe the powers that be are wary of us becoming too imaginative! Good to talk to you! A 🙂


  2. You can absolutely know that whatever negative and toxic comment somebody throws at you, it’s something that they themselves feel an inadequacy about. Ergo, your erstwhile boyfriend felt that he had ‘no imagination’. Create right in their faces, that’s what I say! (Then duck). 🙂


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