Next Sunday I’m flying to the UK for  a reunion of my friends from my university days over 45 years ago. Our first reunion was in 2012 and it was as if the years apart had never happened – we reconnected, hugged each other and never stopped talking all day. The same occurred in our next reunion in May 2013 and doubtless we’ll have just as good a time this year.

So this digital art celebrates the power of friendship and its strong thread in our lives. The pentagram represents the connections of friendship; the leaves represent the love which unites friends; the waters represent the emotional depths of friendship; And the light in the skies represents how friends light up our lives.

Friendship sustains us, nurtures our hearts and is a powerful thread connecting us with kind, loving people in our lives. I have friends around the world – in Australia, England, Scotland, North Cyprus, Europe and the US. Their friendship is a gift I treasure and never take for granted.

This post is to honour my friends and thank them for their wonderful presence in my life. Value your friends – they are a rich treasure which should never be taken for granted.

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