Through a Glass Darkly

Through a Glass Darkly

Yesterday I was feeling somewhat discombobulated as I’d had a lousy night again due to sciatic pain. But I still love to fiddle with arty-farty images because the creative process cheers me up no end. So this is what I created yesterday which reflects the brain fog you get not only with sleepless nights but with fibromyalgia.  Looking at myself now, although I do have challenges with sciatica and fibromyalgia flare-ups, I’ve come a very long way since I first got ill, I manage my health much better and I’ve also learned to pace myself – to do a lot less than I want to do which helps health-wise to stay on the straight and narrow path.

Interestingly, since I started wearing a rubellite (red tourmaline) ring I bought in South Nicosia and paired it with a gel sugilite stone I fitted into an existing ring, I have felt a lot more relaxed and laid-back, and not putting so much pressure on myself to keep working all the time.  I remember someone commenting that now the US had recognised Cuba to some degree, perhaps the Protestant work ethic might start operating in the West Indies and Cuba, and I also thought “God help those poor people” because it’s such a cheerless, driven prospect!

Life is so much more than being born, getting brainwashed by the education system, going to work like an automaton, paying your taxes, getting weighed down by a mortgage or student fees, and then shuffling off this mortal coil. Life is about love, laughing, creativity, rebellion, challenging the status quo, doing what makes your heart sing, singing, dancing, feeling happy – working to live, rather than living to work.

4 thoughts on “Through a Glass Darkly

    1. It’s the same here in North Cyprus – people are important for Turkish-Cypriots and their laidback attitude drives English ex-pats here absolutely nutso. As for yoga stretches, I’m nervous about any exercise other than walking and using my TENS machine on my back. Every time I’ve tried exercises of any sort – yoga or whatever – my back seems to get worse. The TENS machine is the most effective, when I had sciatica in Australia ultrasound was brilliant but I haven’t come across it in use here.


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