We Are One

We Are One

Years ago, when I lived in south-east Queensland, I created a mandala called ” Web of Light and Life”, as a fundraiser for a refugee organisation in Brisbane. I framed the mandala and dropped it off at the charity’s op/charity/thrift store so that it could be raffled at a later date.  A few months later, I visited the shop, only to find the mandala still hanging on the wall, slightly skewiff and very dusty. As you can imagine, I was very disappointed.

Now, years later, I’ve revisited this mandala at a time when refugees and asylum seekers are creating huge movements of people around the world.   So many in developing nations are fleeing war, famine, violence, racial conflict, bombings and economic hardships which so many of us in the West do not have to face in such overwhelming conditions.

Too often we read of the demonisation of refugees and asylum seekers and too often it’s done not only to promote hatred and fear of the unknown, but also to dog-whistle sickeningly for electoral advantage.

So this digital art, with its gold threads of humanity on the move surrounded by love and compassion, has at its heart a plea to understand that we are all together on this planet, we are all one regardless of our ethnicity, colour, sexual preferences, religious choices or whatever.  Hate squanders our energies, love builds vast empires between humanity.

May we choose love, tolerance and compassion, and follow the path of the heart not the path of hatred.

Original Mandala: Web of Life & LIght
Original Mandala: Web of Life & Light

2 thoughts on “We Are One

  1. Both of these are beautiful, as are your thoughts. It seems people just do not understand that it is safe to love. It is safe to reach out. Yes, I totally agree, we are all one. What harms one, harms many. I can imagine how you felt when you saw your beautiful art hanging that way. Oh dear.


  2. Thanks for your understanding words, Kerry. Yes, I was terribly disappointed to see my mandala going unused, particularly as I wasn’t well off and the frame left me pretty broke. Also the head honcho at the refugee organisation said she was going to invite me to show a painting when they had an art exhibition/fund raiser later that year but I never heard from her again. Never mind, the time is right now. BTW, love your new image!


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