Love of Trees

Love of Trees

My mojo decided to up stakes and go off on walkabout this past week which is why I haven’t been posting.  It was a bit of a surprise to me as normally I don’t have artist’s or writer’s block. But I decided to sit back, rest (because the good ol’ sciatica has been playing up leaving me with sleepless nights and dog-tired during the day) and take time out to consider what art I create and what fires up my passion.

I think I became a bit excited with all the gizmos that have appeared in Pixlr and got diverted into stuffing around with the images rather than the inspiration. I deleted a few images I found murky and unfocused, and as I did so I began to get a bit more clarity on my creative purpose.  I came to the conclusion that what really fires my passion is working with images from nature, which is returning to the love of nature I had as a child and into my early ‘teens.

The above image is from a tree stump I used recently to create another image. What I wanted to bring to mind here is not only the love of trees we need to embrace ourselves to ensure the future of the planet, but also the dispassionate love trees themselves have for the planet. They provide a vital function for the continuing life of Mother Earth, they are the lungs of the wonderful piece of the galaxy which supports and nurtures our existence. We – the trees and all sentient beings – are mutually interdependent and I hope this image creates one piece of the healing jigsaw so many of us are working to  complete in defence of this planet’s continued existence.


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