Creative Passion

When I was much younger, my then boyfriend loftily told me I had no imagination. Actually, I should have ripped his head off for such an offensive comment.  But I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence when I was young and this comment dogged me for a long time. It reminds me of the … More Creative Passion


Believe it or not, I started off with an orange canvas, created a flare in the centre, then superimposed a photo I’d taken of pale pink, serrated geranium flowers. then I had a poke here, a poke there on Pixlr and this is the result.  The initial images were much quieter and calmer, but when … More Ecstasy

Mountain Magic

I created this from a photo I took of the Besparmak Mountain range which runs close and parallel to the north coast of North Turkey.  When I look out of my window to the south, the mountain range faces me and I love it because it’s different every day of the week – sometimes clear … More Mountain Magic

Home Again

I got back to North Cyprus on Wednesday last week but had such a hectic time during my short stay in London for my third reunion with university friends that I decided to give myself a good rest. I’m not sure what happens to me in the UK but something gets activated. When I lived … More Home Again

Power of Love

This will be my last post for a week as tomorrow I’m flying from Larnaca to London for a reunion with around 7-8 friends from my university days. This is our third reunion and when we meet it’s as if there’s never been a gap between when we left the University of Bradford in England … More Power of Love

Beyond the Veil

LIFE AFTER DEATH If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it is that one day we will do a perish/pop our clogs/turn up our toes/push up the daisies – in other words, we will die and leave this world to move through the veil to another dimension. Some of you may roll your eyes … More Beyond the Veil