Windmills of Your Mind

Blue Mosaic

I mainly use the download version of Pixlr for most of my digital art but today I was looking at what PIxlr has to offer on-line. I thought I’d play with an earlier image I’d created of blue light which I use as a base for digital art, poked the “kaleidoscope” button and a couple of others whose names I’ve forgotten and got this image.

It reminds me of the Noel Harrison song “Windmills of My Mind”  so here’s a link to the original version of this song. I’ve used this song before but I do love it, sort of out in the galaxy and lovely and airy. If I remember rightly this was played when Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, in the original Thomas Crown Affair, were swinging around in a glider on thermals way above the earth.

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