Snow in North Cyprus!

I realise that the minimal snow we got here today in North Cyprus looks quite pathetic beside the deep snow I see in the UK, US and Canada, but hey! we’re entitled to get a little excited here when snow falls because it’s such a rare event. Everyone’s been busy posting their photos on Facebook of the snow that fell this morning – and which was pretty much gone by lunchtime!

So here are some photos I took – of the Besparmak Mountains, of snow on our car, in our garden and on the fan palm in the communal garden. The Besparmak Mountains run parallel to the north coast of North Cyprus and are quite close to the sea, they’re about 10 minutes south of our apartment in Alsancak with the Mediterranean five minutes to our north. Molly, one of our dogs, was not impressed by the snow, our two other dogs, Zoe and Ziggy, enjoyed themselves, but Milly, the smallest and youngest, had the time of her life, sticking her nose in the snow, throwing it in the air, and enjoying skidding on the ice under the snow. We watched from indoors with the heater on as it was bitterly cold outside, something we’re really not used to after 40-plus years in hot climates.

Snow in garden - I seem to have also caught a snow elemental!
Snow in garden – I seem to have also caught a snow elemental!
Snow on car, Feb 2015 - Copy
The snow was already melting on our car when my husband took this photo.
Snow on fan palm, Feb 2015 - Copy
Snow on fan palm in communal garden

Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 6 - Copy Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 5 - Copy Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 4 - Copy Snow on Besparmak Mtns, winter 2015 Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 - Copy Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 1 - Copy Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 2 - Copy Snow on Besparmaks, Feb 2015 3 - Copy

8 thoughts on “Snow in North Cyprus!

    1. The white house is a traditional Cypriot house. Most tend to have a small floor cover as the bigger the footprint of the house the higher the rates. In our apartment we pay AU$60-odd a year which is pretty terrific given house rates in the UK and Australia.


    1. Actually, Amy, everyone was quite excited because snow at ground level is really rare. The kids loved it. But seriously we aren’t equipped for snow and this sort of cold. When I was back in the UK, I really had not idea how to handle frost and how to drive in snow and ice. I goggled at the snow in your neck of the woods – unimaginable to me!

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      1. Mo, the snow at times even when living here, is unimaginable. I know what happens when snow or ice is around in an area that is not used to it. Everything shuts down. I have to in turn giggle because here we are going about daily life in a few feet of snow, and you for example, where you live, at the sight of a snowflake, all comes to a halt. LOL Hope the cold passes soon. For you and for me!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      2. Amy – We all faint with shock when we see snowflakes, heaven knows what we’d do in the deep snow you get – have a nervous breakdown I reckon. It was only one day, however, cold wind today but warming up with bright sunshine – that’s more like it! Love Mo xxx


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