Desert Rose

I called this digital art “Hope” because it shows a flower combined with a Desert Rose rock formation, with the underlying message that however hard times become, somewhere, sometime an allegorical flower will blossom in your life and you start to feel more positive and optimistic.

The way I work when I’m creating digital art is to scroll through various images I have saved to see what calls to me. Today my attention was drawn by a lovely Desert Rose selenite formation which I have in my crystal collection.  I trimmed it down to a square, then decided to couple it with a photo of a flower. So I scrolled down all the images I have for flowers and the one that again I chose intuitively was a ginger flower I photographed when we were living in Bowraville, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.

Then I went through various different blend modes in the texture section of PicMonkey and really liked the image above.  I added a small frame with Pixlr and decided that I that the image was fine as is. Sometimes you can keep fiddling with digital art but this had the “aha” feel about it.

The images I used are below:

Desert Rose
Desert Rose
Ginger flower 2
Ginger Flower



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