Ancestral Earth

Ancestral Earth

At the base of this digital art is a photo I saw on-line of an iceberg which had turned upside down. It was the most beautiful blue colour and I worked on it because to me it represented the energy imprint of Mother Earth from thousands of years ago.

The hand print represents our human connection to this planet but also a reminder that this Rock Being we all too often take for granted has been here for millions upon millions of years before we human beings turned up,

I created this image for a couple of reasons – yesterday there was a nature programme on a BBC channel, replete with portentous male voice, talking of our domination and subjugation of the earth and its sentient beings, completely ignoring  the destructive effects we humans are inflicting on our planet.

I was also looking at the meadow beside us which looks really lovely as it is filled with yellow wildflowers contrasting with the green foliage that has grown in our very wet winter this year.  But the yellow flowers are what we call a weed, oxalis, because it flourishes so easily.  Supposedly the flowers we cultivate are acceptable while a very sturdy (and very pretty) flower which is hard to eradicate is labelled a weed.

And what occurred to me is this – we are hurtling towards climate change which may well affect the ability of human beings to continue to exist on Planet Earth. But when we’re gone, what might well flourish?  Apart from cockroaches (!), I’d rather hazard other survivors would be the grass and weeds we think we control today but which will likely flourish long after our presence on the earth has vanished into history!

There are wake-up calls all around us to take better care of Mother Earth and wonderful people organising to protect our planetary heritage from the ravages of untrammelled greed and destruction.  I hope we see the arrogance of the TV announcer and his talk of domination replaced by humility as we realise we are the caretakers of this beautiful piece of galactic rock not just for ourselves but for future generations and the honour of our ancestors who lived with the earth rather than on it.

Oxalis in neighbouring paddock
Oxalis in neighbouring paddock

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