Haven of the Heart

Haven of the Heart

This piece of digital art changed dramatically as I was toward the end of working with it.  I was sharpening the image when I decided to fiddle with colours, switching from a deep blue to the rather serene green and turquoise colours of the final image. I liked the idea of it representing the haven our heart offers us from the time we’re born – to love ourselves, to be confident in who we are, to be able to offer love to others as part of the human community, to offer us succour when we are wounded or grieving, and to heal us on our life’s journey as and when healing is needed.

9 thoughts on “Haven of the Heart

    1. Yes, that’s what I love about digital art, like you say, Kerry, one minute you’re going in one direction, then you press a key, everything changes and you’re heading off down another road. Great fun. Love your new photo, by the way!

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