Spiritual Fire

The stone in the digital art above is a natural Dow crystal in my collection.

Clear quartz is six-sided and when you look at a Dow crystal, one face at the point has 7 facets, with the face next to it having 3. In a Dow crystal there are three of these 3-7 formations.  Added up 3-7-3-7-3-7 total 30, which reduced from 3 + 0 = 3.

Three is a spiritual number, associated with the Trinity, spiritual energy, body/mind/spirit and so on. Seven, in numerology relates to inner truth. The name “Dow” has nothing to do with Tao, by the way. It comes from Jane Ann Dow, who discovered this formation. She worked with crystals in reading them and working with them in healing work, and really was a pioneer in crystal healing, working closely with Katrina Raphaell, another pioneer in crystal healing work.

I teach a fortnightly Tarot class and for the last one I kept getting a message to work with crystals too.

This image shows the Dow formation more clearly.
This image shows the Dow formation more clearly.

So we used a seven-card spread, each person tuned into the hundreds of crystals in my study, picking the seven they felt corresponded with the meanings of each position in the spread. They then drew from the deck seven cards corresponding to the meanings in the spread and to the crystals they’d picked. It was very successful as each crystal easily augmented the card to which it corresponded.

I thought I’d mention it in case any of you fancied combining crystals and Tarot in a reading, it’s interesting and it’s fun.

Further to that, my friend has asked me to start cataloging my crystals – with a photo of each crystal, where I acquired it and a summary of how I feel the crystal works for me.

So there’s no doubt I’m being drawn to connect with crystals again!

I do have an affinity for stones – I can remember the name of heaps, know where I acquired them – eBay, shop, rock fair, and so on. And crystals, rocks and stones communicate at some unknown level how they resonate with me. I also get images of crystals when they’re meant to move on to work with other people.

I was uncertain about a blog or fan page on Facebook, and then decided to do both as it’s easy to link between a WordPress blog and a Facebook fan page and it widens the number of people who might be interested in my posts about crystals. I will let you know when I have the crystal blog and Facebook fan page up and running.

9 thoughts on “Spirit

  1. Amazing, I have a Dow, Elesstial crystal, 2 and one half pound amethyst from Africa.
    Powerful stuff, thanks for reminding me that my crystal is a Dow too, I keep forgetting and thinking of it as an Elesstial only.

    Is it Dow, or Tao? I don’t like the new Chinses way of speaking, I still say Tao, and Chi Quang.


    1. They are amazing crystals, Dows, they feel so powerful as you hold them. And they are called Dow after Jane Ann Dow who discovered the formation and gave it her name, nothing to do with Tao. I’ve got her book, Crystal Journey, it’s out of print now and she has also crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but her work is fascinating, she was a real visionary.

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  2. ok that crystal IS crazy beautiful – where do you find things like this and how do you learn the vibrations of crystals – your best source?Son is playing with a business idea with crystals – this would be a lovely add on – the tarot and crystal thing.

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 15:28:00 +0000 To: info@tammyvitale.com


    1. I have worked with crystals since 1996, Tammy, all of a sudden I found I could communicate at some unknown level and I was off and running. In the beginning I was quite naive around crystals, simply listened to how they called me to work with them. I also read new age books about crystals but, in the end, I found it was the naivete that I needed to return to – the simplicity of listening without pre-conceived ideas. Both crystals and tarot rely on intuition and inner listening which is why they work so well together.


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