Homage to Trees

Life of Trees

I created this image from a photograph taken by Ann of the blog Republic of Ann.

The fungi growing on the tree reminded me of just how much life trees sustain and how, too often, we forget the magnificence and power of trees.

I can see the auric field around trees and had the wonderful opportunity once to meditate in a powerful area of south-east Queensland close to Mt Barney, where I saw huge gouts of energy flaring up from the trees far into the atmosphere. Awesome and a moment for humility in the face of unseen energies which sustain so much life here on Planet Earth.

So here also is Paul Robeson singing Trees, the poem written by Joyce Kilmer.I always remember this song being played at the funeral of a good friend of ours, John Thomson, who had been a forester and life-long activist in defence of trees in south-west Western Australia. As the song started, all the plants in the room started moving slightly, as if John’s spirit were present at the memorial to a truly remarkable, honest, incorruptible man of great integrity whose life had been dedicated to living in harmony with the environment and his beloved trees.

6 thoughts on “Homage to Trees

  1. This is gorgeous! I love what you did with it! It reminds me that, although the trees look almost dead now, their hearts are alive with the energy that will burst out in the spring.


    1. Glad you like this. I love poring over your photos of the Rockies, had no idea how gorgeous this area is, plus of course I’ve added to my geographical knowledge by finding out where they are. Although I passed in the subject, geography was my lowest grade at o’level General Certificate of Education, one you take when you’re 16. Perhaps that’s why I keep travelling – learning geography by osmosis!


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