Mo’s Medicine Shield

Mo's Medicine ShieldWay back when I lived in Boonah, Queensland, I used to visit a really nifty new age shop in Ipswich, a large town about 40 minutes from Brisbane. I bought a medicine shield there which has accompanied me to Scotland, to the wheatbelt of Western Australia when we returned to Oz (complete with irradiation to clear out bugs at Australian Customs), to northern New South Wales, to Victoria, to the mid-north coast of New South Wales and finally it’s come home to roost in North Cyprus, on the door of my study. We are gypsies, in case you haven’t guessed!

It’s got a bit dusty-looking over the years and today I finally decided to give it a makeover – from a generic medicine shield, to Mo’s Medicine Shield.

Exif_JPEG_422To go back in time a bit, when we lived on the mid north-cast of New South Wales, I created for myself an Elder Wand (which luckily wasn’t involved in death, as the Elder Wand was in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series). I wandered around our local Nature Park until I found a piece of stick which called to me. Then I decorated it with feathers and items which represented my life’s journey.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too wieldy to bring with us to North Cyprus, so I dismantled it before we moved.

With this in mind, I decided today to work with similar items to re-vamp the old, dreary-looking, very tired medicine shield and re-create a medicine shield which reflects my life and where I am now.

Here are the items which are now included in the medicine shield and the meanings for me:

* ribbons wound around the frame – represents the wonderful colours of our world and the variety of sentient beings which inhabit our earth and give it colour, love and hope;

* Blue Kyanite – wired onto the handle of the shield, initiating the constant flow of spiritual energies into my world;

* Gold Watch – in memory of my mother, this was her watch which she loved as it was Russian-made, expensive, and she gained ownership of it when it was left on her counter where she worked at Debenham’s in Canterbury and no-one claimed it;

* Two watch chains – belonged to my paternal grandfather, representing ancestral healing and reverence;

* Friendship bracelet – given to me by my daughter when I lived in N-E Scotland from 2002-3 to honour the great friendships I’ve been gifted with in my life;

* A medicine bag created by my friend, Dottie, in which is: a piece of Growth Interference Quartz to encourage constant change and growth; Pink Mangano Calcite crystal for loving interactions; Tugtupite to remember the power of love resonating through the Universe throughout time immemorial; Smoky Quartz for connection to the Earth.

* A dragonfly pendant to represent the transformation I’ve gone through since I was young;

* A brown necklace of hearts to remind me of the love and support I’ve experienced in all the workshops I’ve taught;

* A necklace of Amethyst chips to honour connections made in northern New South Wales;

* A dolphin brooch gifted me by my daughter and holding a Libran pendant – to remind me to honour the seas, rivers and lakes, and to honour my connection to Venus/Aphrodite, the ruler of my astrological chart.

* The rosary I was given at my First Communion in the Catholic Church, in memory of my beloved maternal grandparents.

* And finally, a clear quartz point to facilitate the flow of clarity in all ideas and communications.

I have greatly enjoyed creating my own Medicine Shield, it feels imbued with my energy now and stands guard at my study door to accompany and empower me as I walk into my future life in 2015.


13 thoughts on “Mo’s Medicine Shield

  1. Ohh! Mo, this is indeed awesome and thanks once again for the inspiration….I too have an old medicine shield from way back and an Elder Wand that can be cheered up and recrbeing in the world…..Thank you……I’m sure both my pieces will be cheered up as will I as I recreate them while I’m slowly but carefully creating my new life…..with love and hugs and wishes for a wonder filled year ahead.


    1. Lovely to hear from you, Harolyn, hope you’re keeping well. And thanks for your comments – I hope you find them inspirational for your own creative work and growth. Much love to you for a magickal year. Lots of love, Mo


      1. We are very careful to keep our dogs secure, Inese, as there are lot of poisonings here. I haven’t mentioned the fox in any social forum so that people don’t go out with baits to poison it.


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