Rest & Recuperation – Another kidney infection

I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia at the end of last week complete with the Glums which is where you wake up feeling like you’re at the bottom of a dark pit with no way out. The only way out of this is sit back, relax, tell yourself “This too will pass” and eventually you wake up one day wondering why the hell you felt such darkness and despair. Experience helps weather these storms!

However, I’ve ended up with another kidney infection which I’m treating with antibiotic, home-made lemon barley water, various supplements and homeopathic remedies.

I’ve decided this is a wake-up call to take far better care of myself and have a complete break and rest for the rest of the week, at least until Friday.

Thanks for your patience and, hopefully, understanding.  Back in due course – ciao, hasta la vista!


Song of the Sacred

Song of the Sacred

When you listen to your heart and soul,

to the voice whispering of the sacred in your life,

you are powerful and empowered

for you are listening to the

magnificent Hallelujah chorus

of the raging current which powers life

past, present and future:


Letter from Birmingham Jail

A brilliant piece of writing by Dr Luther King.



Dr. King is probably best known for his poetic and stirring I Have a Dream speech, but I’ve always considered Letter from Birmingham Jail one of his finest works. Wikipedia says that:

King met with unusually harsh conditions in the Birmingham jail. An ally smuggled in a newspaper from April 12, which contained “A Call for Unity”: a statement made by eight white Alabama clergymen against King and his methods. The letter provoked King, and he began to write a response on the newspaper itself. King writes in Why We Can’t Wait: “Begun on the margins of the newspaper in which the statement appeared while I was in jail, the letter was continued on scraps of writing paper supplied by a friendly black trusty, and concluded on a pad my attorneys were eventually permitted to leave me.”

The “Call to Unity” clergymen agreed that social injustices existed but argued that…

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Haven of the Heart

Haven of the Heart

This piece of digital art changed dramatically as I was toward the end of working with it.  I was sharpening the image when I decided to fiddle with colours, switching from a deep blue to the rather serene green and turquoise colours of the final image. I liked the idea of it representing the haven our heart offers us from the time we’re born – to love ourselves, to be confident in who we are, to be able to offer love to others as part of the human community, to offer us succour when we are wounded or grieving, and to heal us on our life’s journey as and when healing is needed.

Integrity of the Heart

Love of the Loved

Psalms 15

Lord, who can be trusted with power,
and who may act in your place?
Those with a passion for justice,
who speak the truth from their hearts;
who have let go of selfish interests
and grown beyond their own lives;
who see the wretched as their family
and the poor as their flesh and blood.
They alone are impartial
and worthy of the people’s trust.
Their compassion lights up the whole earth,
and their kindness endures forever.

(A Book of Psalms, translations by Stephen Mitchell)