Dreams – All Change

Citrine CrossI’ve been getting a whole heap out of my system over on my other blog, The Crazy Crone – Living a Wild & Adventurous Life, which has led not only to working with different crystals but also to having some very powerful dreams heralding life changes.

Dreams first.  The night before last I dreamed I was on a largish aircraft with bright light in the cabin.  Suddenly the plane swung to the right but then kept going quite smoothly. I can’t remember all the details except I was trying to talk to a man who disappeared and when I followed him we had landed very quietly and smoothly, with the steps leading down to the runway already in place.

Last night I dreamed that I was in a night club or pub, with a boyfriend much younger than me who I really wasn’t very interested in. I’ve had a lot of dreams where I’m going to marry or have a relationship with a man much younger than me and, even though I’ve told them I’m 67 and they’re usually in their late ‘twenties, they haven’t seemed to worry about the age difference. Anyway, the young man in this dream walked out and as I turned around I found myself face to face with a man whom I’ve sought in many, many dreams. Originally we were deeply in love but somehow I spoiled the relationship. And since that initial dream, years ago, I’ve had many dreams where I’ve searched  for this man and last night I found him, to my joy.  He too was joyous at our reunion and we hugged each other with great love and delight at finding each other again.

For me, the first dream means I’ve re-c0nnected with my earthed, practical side,  and done so pretty smoothly and with ease.  I’ve found that I’m feeling more practical, I’m finishing projects and tidying up behind myself, whereas previously I’d flit from one project to another or leave stuff lying around which drives my ever-so-tidy husband absolutely nutso.

The second dream is me reconnecting with my male side, the mature side rather than the immature side represented by the younger male figures. This mature side has been missing in action for a very long time indeed.  I have always been rather fearful of male energies, likely because of my dysfunctional relationship with  my father.  So all in all, I’m feeling very balanced and pretty chipper tonight.

Yesterday, while I was ploughing through my childhood and feeling quite emotional and disturbed, I worked with a large sheet, elestial quartz.  I was having a squizz through my crystals when this one drew my attention but I resisted at first as it’s quite large – 3″ x 2″ (7.5 x 5.5cms). But nevertheless the pull was there so I knuckled under and created a wire wrap for it. It felt as if this crystal was allowing me to access memories with ease and deal with the emotions which arose as I was writing the posts.

This afternoon, as I finished the last of my posts in this series,  I suddenly felt incredibly happy and light, and felt the urge to wear my citrine cross pendant. There’s a story behind this. When I lived in Boonah, south-east Queensland, I was with my friend when I found a lovely silver and turquoise squash blossom necklace.  It was from Canada and had been a gift to a woman who didn’t like it and placed it in the shop to sell.  It cost $25 but I was pretty broke at the time. However, my father was in hospital detoxing and generally creating mayhem, I was very upset and stressed, and my friend told me to buy the necklace because I needed it to handle the stress.

So I did. The shop owner told me someone else liked it and had said they’d return to buy it but had never come back. So it was first come, first served. A little later I had a crystal stall in the local market and got talking to a lady who was complaining she’d wanted a squash blossom necklace in the antique shop behind us but someone else had bought it before her. Me. I dithered but decided to confess it was me and waited for a nasty comment. But instead the woman looked at me thoughtfully and said: “Well, my bad luck. But I’ve just bought a citrine and silver cross at auction, got home and wondered why I’d bought it. But now I look at you and I  think maybe it’s meant for you. Are you interested – it’s $70?”  This was back in 2001 so $70 was worth a lot in those days. Well, hell, how can I turn down an invitation to look at a citrine pendant?  Genuine citrine too. So I arranged to meet this lady and, of course, fell in love with the pendant. Genuine citrine is very pale gold and expensive, while the dark brown “citrine” you see in shops is burned amethyst which is why it’s so cheap.  As for the $70 price tag, I made that amount at the market so decided it was definitely meant to be mine. And this afternoon I felt the urge to wear it again because it feels I’ve turned a corner and am embarking on a very new part of my life, with this citrine cross providing celebratory energies.

To wind up, I’m including Redemption Song, by Ziggy Marley with The Chieftains, what a combination, eh?

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Elestial sheet quartz
Elestial sheet quartz
Sheet Elestial Quartz 1
Elestial sheet quartz pendant






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