Shamanic Studio

I’m re-connecting with the way I’m meant to work and create in this life so here are photos of my revamped studio which reflect this:

Crystal display, round table
I’ve had quite a few stones mixed up in a couple of bowls but felt the need to spread them out to access their individual energies.
Shamanic Sanctuary Table 1
Sanctuary Table – the bowl at the back contains dried sage and rose petals; and various feathers I’ve collected over the years. Around the centre flower and spider pendant are amphibole quartz (which I absolutely love), with a chryscolla stone at the front; two spheres of girasol and ruby; and two wands of herkimer diamond (pink), and a glass wand filled with amethyst and rose quartz chips, a clear quartz crystal point; and a rose quartz sphere; and two natural clear quartz wands either side of the amphibole quartz stones.
Shamanic Wall
On the wall are my artwork “Shaman”, two bags containing rune stones I created; a bag containing elements from the croning ritual I attended in April 2002; my large rattle; my spider drum, my Tibetan cymbals, my smaller rattle, my drum beater, and a wooden mala. On the sanctuary table at the bottom are an orange glass shape for creativity, a Buddha figurine; a teddy bear with “Love Me”on the front, a lavender quartz rock; witches finger quartz points; and an amethyst Purple Flame point from the North Territory, Australia. In the centre is my Tibetan singing bowl.
Rattle with wire hanger
This is my large rattle with the wire hanger I created for it today. I’d been thinking of leather or ribbon, until I realised I have some copper coloured wire which is ideal for the earthiness of this rattle.
Rattle - close-up of hanger
This is a close-up of the wire wrap.


11 thoughts on “Shamanic Studio

  1. absolutely marvelous – who wouldn’t love to create there!gret way to start the new year – i’m cleaning my office – I’ll feel better after I can see a flat surface. Tomorrow may be the bead room.Next week I am writing at least one full day. That’s all there is to it. xohappy new year!

    Tammy Vitale

    Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 18:31:50 +0000 To:


  2. It’s always good to see other artists’ work spaces. I’ve been tidying mine up too. I suspect many thousands of artists round the world are doing the same. I like that image! Good artistic luck in 2015. Ann


    1. Thanks, Ann. It’s a good feeling, I always used to be amazingly untidy. I’m still clearing out old stuff but it feels good, like I’m getting well and truly unstuck from the past. And thanks for the good luck wishes, same to you. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks – what is interesting is that, having created a new Gravatar photo, I suddenly realised from the image that I’d moved into a completely new part of my life, which is how my study got revised and renewed. 😀


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