In Praise of Rain and Roses

In praise of rain and rosesIn 1994, after both living in Perth, Western Australia, for 20+ years, we suddenly uprooted and moved to Queensland.  We bought a house in S-E Queensland, on a 1-acre block halfway up Mt French, just outside of a township called Boonah.  We didn’t realise it but we had arrived during a drought.  Winters in Queensland are dry and sunny and we moved in at the beginning of October when summer storms were starting to move through and fill our rain tanks – we had no piped water, only a huge, concrete water tank and a much smaller galvanised steel tank.

Come the next summer, there was no rain – just endless days of hot sun and bright blue skies.  It sounds great but you get sick of it. And you get even sicker of it as you watch the water in your tanks get lower and lower.  You learn to be waterwise and conserve this precious commodity – never to let a precious drop of water be wasted.

Here in North Cyprus, rain is similarly a somewhat sporadic affair.  We get heavy bursts of rain, mainly in late December through to February, but the rest of the year is usually very dry, back to the endless sunshine and clear, blue skies.  Last summer rainfall was very low, by mid-summer the island was in drought and up until recently we had water rationing, the first time since we’ve been here.

However, over the past few weeks, Mother Nature has seen fit to send us rain, rain, storms and more rain. The paddock beside us is bright green, a far cry from the parched landscape of summer, and also green and rich much earlier than last year when the paddock managed a stingy green in January and February.

This afternoon I wandered into the garden to find our Apothecary’s Rose nearly fully open with raindrops glistening on its ruby petals. So off I trotted to get my sturdy camera and here’s the result – an adoration of my Apothecary’s Rose which I love because it’s got an ancient heritage and is native to this region. And more adoration of the wet stuff which keeps falling from the sky and soaking into our soil so we are greening up and starting to look somewhat lush and luscious.

I do realise that it is ironic to be banging on about how great rain is when other people around the world are experiencing floods and hardship from an excess of water. But I guess you can only deal with your own experiences – and I know that, for me, rain is something I value and never take for granted.


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