So many of you have sent me best wishes and I didn’t want to reply with lots of individual thank-you’s which would sound the same. So here’s a piece of digital art for you all to say thank you from the depths of my heart for your very kind wishes for recovery from my recent kidney infection. In fact, I’m recovering slowly but surely and I’m positive that all the prayers and thoughts for my recovery have helped enormously as, while I’ve had a dull ache across my back, I haven’t encountered the severe pain people have told me you can get with a kidney infection.  I still get tired and cranky easily but I’m resting and just taking things easy.

One thing I must say is that this whole episode has been quite transformative for me – a great release of negative energy from my childhood and a re-evaluation of my future direction in art, writing and healing.  I shall be writing more on my other blog which I’ll post here as I hope it will be of help to anyone out there who has had childhood issues around mental, emotional and physical abuse. In saying this, I want to make it clear that – for me – the issues are mental and emotional, not physical. It’s like a labyrinth – trying to work my way back to the middle, then making my way out again to a more healthful future.

Thank you for your patience with my waffling on and, again, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and good wishes.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Ah Mo, I am so happy to know you’re healing and moving forward….I’ve had a bit of an upheaval myself this last while – of the younger life emotional and psychological issues and so am wondering what comes next for me in the way of change. I did try to resist and stay in my rut but the old bod rebelled and laid me low so the recovering is happening and who knows what’s next……thank you for the beautiful art work – this one today but also all of the ones you’ve been sharing this long time…… go slow (ha – I’m having a hard time takiing my time to heal so I know that’s not easy) and be real gentle with yourself….meanwhile loads of love and hugs


  2. Yes, you’re right, Jacqualine-marie – happy to say begone to the kidney infection. I went out with some friends yesterday for lunch, dog-tired when I got home and slept a lot today, so it’s a reminder to take my time and keep resting when I feel the need.


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