Signature necklace.jpg

I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia yesterday and am still quite lethargic today, very frustrating because it seems to come out of the blue. So instead of art, today I’m posting a photo of a signature necklace I made for myself yesterday.

I went back to bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon, went out like a light,  and dreamed I was buying a bling-type signature necklace. Forgot it for a while then remembered it late afternoon so decided to create my own signature necklace – I knew from the image I recalled from the dream that it needed to hang down over my sacral chakra. I’ve used a gold pendant which I usually wear on a choker. Then I fished out a turquoise centre piece from an old necklace I’d taken apart and used a small chain of pearls to hang the gold pendant from it. Then I hung on each side pendants created by the wonderful artist, Tammy Vitale. Then put wire through two large beads to attach the pendant to a chain. Yeah, baby, I can out-bling anyone!

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