Wild, Flashy, Trashy

Inner Worlds

I read an interesting interview with the artist Maggi Hambling at the weekend where she quoted an art teacher who said that you don’t choose the subject: the subject chooses you. Ms Hambling also said: “That’s what I love about Rembrandt or Van Gogh or any of the painters I really admire – they are a channel for the truth to come through. That’s very important.” Mind you, I’m not considering myself a Rembrandt or Van Gogh!!!

But on top of that, I just watched a video of Sue Kreitzman, an amazing artist who appeared in the Fabulous Fashionistas, which I’ve raved about. She is a real Golden Oldie.

The reason I’m mentioning the above is that I’ve combined all the comments into my current piece of digital art – it took me places I didn’t expect, led to images which were unexpected and – with the bright red, king parrot overlaid – reminded me of Sue Kreitzman and her extremely bright, vivid artwork.

Apart from her view that beige is death (with which I fully agree), Ms Kreitzman’s motto also included being wild, trashy and flashy with which I also heartily concur. So that’s how this piece of digital art got its name!

(King parrots, by the way, are quite large parrots which are not in the least nervous when you approach them. We used to get them in our backyard when we lived in Bowraville, south-east Queensland.  They’d be pecking away on the ground and you could get quite close without them being at all bothered by your presence. The male parrots are bright red and green while the females are green).



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