It’s been all change at our home since I held my art exhibition last Saturday.  Most of my artwork has stayed at Vicki Karaca’s Black Olive Cafe & Studio as she’s going to keep it on display and for sale.

I must say, it feels quite odd not to have paintings stacked up around the place. I have changed quite a bit of artwork in my study – centring the vision board art on one wall, with down the side a photo of a sacred site in France (I think) and the artwork I created from that image. I have lugged the photo I took of this site to various places we’ve lived but, as I was getting so many pieces of digital art printed onto photoblock, I decided to finally treat myself to a print of this lovely scene. Beside my desk is my favourite artwork, Robot & Empire. And I’ve also revamped my sanctuary table so it’s less cluttered.  I have on it two of my favourite natural quartz wands, together with angel amphibole quartz pieces which I love. In the centre is my large spider pendant.

Most of all though, my artwork has crept into our front room.  We’ve always had the Celtic mandala hanging on the wall after I got it framed when we were living in Traralgon, Victoria. But now we’ve got my three photos of sun scenes in North Cyprus hanging up and we’re also going to hang some more of my artwork which we’ll have to retrieve from The Black Olive. This is quite a change for my husband, as he’s not a great fan of my abstract digital art – he likes rational art like still life, landscapes and so on.  Bryan’s the logical one and I’m the one who’s off with the fairies. We agree to differ but, somehow, things have shifted since I got all my art together in one place for the exhibition.  Ain’t no holdin’ this baby!!!!

Cabinet & paintings
Carved cabinet in front room with paintings. The previous owners left this cabinet behind and we absolutely love it, it has such a gorgeous, warm energy.
Study - art & sanctuary table
Paintings & sanctuary table
Study - art & sanctuary table1
Vision board art, digital art, sacred site print, Tree of Love acrylic art, and sanctuary table.
Study - new artwork
Work table with Robot & Empire print on wall
Crystal Collection


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