Riotous Rhodies

Riotous Rhodies

I love rhododendrons but sadly for the past forty-plus years I’ve mostly lived in places which have been too hot for these flowers. They can get riotous if they’re in the right conditions – I think cool and pretty wet – but hot weather knocks them for six.

I took a photo of this rhododendron when we lived in Victoria as it used to be quite cool there. But with climate change the State has got hotter and the week we had of 40-47C, before we moved to New South Wales, really left our rhodies looking quite wilted.  Nevertheless, I did get one good photo before the heat hit.

Today I felt like working on a black canvas in PicMonkey, then I added the photo of the rhododendron, and finally worked on it in Pixlr. The above photo is the result – enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Riotous Rhodies

      1. We’re you in Canada, then? I know Vic, B.C. but I am sure there are others, given the time of the queen’ s reign.

        Well, anyway… you’ve transitioned your flower in a lovely way. Have a good day. 🙂


      2. No, we were in Victoria, Australia. It’s one of the southern states, used to be renowned for having English weather – four seasons in one day, but with global warming it now gets very hot in summer. Still as cold in winter!


    1. Thanks, Jacqualine-marie – PicMonkey is great, it opened me up to digital art, but I’m also really enjoying PIxlr because it has heaps of gizmos and also you can download it now. So if I have any internet problems, I can still work on the computer with Pixlr.


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