Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind.jpg

This is a portrayal of something that happened to me when I was living in Boonah, south-east Queensland.  The town lies in the Scenic Rim and is an energy vortex, something I never believed in until I lived there. People got drawn there quite mysteriously and many ended up being turned inside out and changing their lives completely.

That’s what happened to me. I moved from a stressful, political lifestyle to one where I worked with crystals, Reiki healing, art, teaching and adopted a more spiritual outlook towards life.

We had a psychic development group in town which I used to enjoy but a word of warning. Some difficult things happened in that group as the leader wasn’t properly trained, and you can mix with some very negative energies if you’re not careful. All is not light and love in the unseen realms, there are some quite malignant forces willing to attach to someone who isn’t properly protected or who is lured by the glamour level of psychic work.

One day we were doing a group meditation when I suddenly found myself pulled out of my body and hovering in front of the enormous Mt Barney. This is a mountain in the Border Ranges with extremely strong energies.  To say this startled me is an understatement as not only had nothing like this happened to me, I didn’t believe in out-of-body stuff!

As I hovered in the air facing the mountain peak, Mt Barney split open and an alien suddenly appeared (I can’t say much about the shape or form because it all happened so quickly). We hurtled towards each other as if pulled by some unknown energy and, just as we were both screaming “Oh, no!”, collided.

I don’t remember much after that, I know it took a long time to return to my body and, quite frankly, I didn’t talk much about this as close encounters of the third kind aren’t something you can bring up in daily conversation without sounding like a complete nutter.

I did continue to be very tired and lethargic and eventually went to see a cranio-sacral therapist in the nearby town of Ipswich. She put her hands on me and said: “I hope you don’t mind my saying this and that I don’t appear too odd, but it’s as if you’ve had an electrical charge through you and it’s burned you out completely. I might sound a bit strange, but have you been in contact with any extraterrestrial energies?”

I thought this was quite synchronistic and explained to the practitioner what had happened in the meditation. She too looked relieved that I didn’t run screaming out of her healing studio!  She worked on me over a number of sessions and I felt heaps better. But it was a lesson to me – it might sound glamorous and exciting to be dancing the light fantastic with extra-terrestrials, but it can have quite negative and dangerous outcomes.

Today for some reason I felt like revisiting that experience and re-creating it in art. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but perhaps it’s a reminder to me of the unseen forces at work on Planet Earth which we need to heed and respect.

Mt Barney


2 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    1. Yes, too right, Rita. It taught me to be very careful with my boundaries and not mess around with the unknown. One of the women in our group ended up having a nervous breakdown, a very salutary lesson for the rest of us.


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