What my Cats and Dogs have taught me

Bryan & Mutts watching fireworksDOGS

1. If I leave a plate too near the edge of the cupboard, a dog will lick it/knock it off and break it.

2. If I leave my coffee unattended, a dog will drink it.

3. If I leave my apron hanging on a peg overnight, the dogs will rip it to shreds.

4. If I forget to put a piece of clothing away, the dogs will rip it to shreds (1 jumper, 1 nightie, 4 pairs of knickers).

5. If we don’t put the cushions away at night, the dogs will rip them to shreds (4 dead cushions).

5. If I don’t pay attention, one of the dogs will run between my legs and trip me up (twice).

6. If I didn’t pay attention when they  were puppies, I’d miss a puddle, slip on it as we have marble floors, and fall over (once).

7. While we are asleep, the dogs will creep on to the bed, one beside me, two beside my husband and one at the bottom of the bed, so you wake up with a doggie straitjacket.

8. Having a doggie straitjacket keeps you warm at night.

9. My dogs remind me of the importance of play.

10. Dog spelled backwards is God.

11. My dogs adore me and Bryan and love us unconditionally. Negates 1-6!!!

Bella (only has one eye)
Creative Cat Muse 1
Jezebel on footstool
Jezebel (Sweetie’s mother)



1. I am their slave, there to get their food! End of story.

7 thoughts on “What my Cats and Dogs have taught me

    1. I do actually have to say that I once had a lovely tortoiseshell cat who was very close to me. She’d sit on my chest and wrap her tail around my neck, but unfortunately she died of feline leukaemia when she was only six, before a vaccination was discovered for it. Our current three cats are semi-feral.


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