WormholeYears ago, when I lived in Boonah, in south-east Queensland, I came across a book in the local library of sacred earth formations around the globe. One in particular drew me – I think it was of a centre of standing stones in France, although I’m not too sure, and I have no idea of the location.

I took a copy of it which I’ve lugged around with me to England, to Western Australia, to New South Wales, to Victoria, to New South Wales and to here in North Cyprus.

I remembered it yesterday and decided to work on it. It reminds me of a sacred, mysterious place somewhere on Mother Earth where there is a portal to other dimensions.  Definitely off with the fairies.

I usually include the original when I work on photos but lost in the mist of time is the name of whoever took this photo. I don’t want to abuse copyright so I’ll just stick to the digital art version I created yesterday.

Enjoy and envision the stars beckoning you through the portal to dance to the song of the universe!

8 thoughts on “Portal

  1. Your digital art is so beautiful. This reminds me of where I grew up – 25 minutes north of New York City – early autumn when the trees are still deciding how much change they will present, the dampness of the ground, the glitter of sun in the morning…..and the echoes of small animal communications that rattle in the trees. Really quite a beautiful piece.


  2. Glad you like it, Jacqualine-Marine. It’s funny how we get reminded of places and memories – the light here recently reminded me of one day in early autumn when the light had changed and there was a slight fog in the air at Bradford, north England, where I went to university. That was decades ago but, like you, the atmosphere here took me straight back to that day.


  3. Incredible. This has to be my favorite of all your work, Mo.

    It’s good to be back here. I’ve been involved in a project consultation on a manual for a contemplative listening program…Lots of time and work..


    1. Pleased you like it, Rita, This iimage rather raises the hair on my arms, it’s just what I was trying to create. The programme, Pixlr, has opened up lots of possibilities for me. Glad to see you back! 😀


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