The Soul on Fire!

Responsibility 1

This image represents hope for a better world  of love not hate, of compassion not contempt, of vision not fear, of souls on fire and flowering with hope. But also black streaks across represent the forces dragging us down – the military-industrial complex; Big Pharma like Monsanto; Big Oil; politicians in the pockets of big business.

The corporate Establishment relies on divide and rule: to set one section of the population against another: dog-whistling on race;  winding up the war machine to get people gung-ho on wars; preaching hate against the poor; against the Russians; against black people; against Aboriginal people; against refugees and asylum seekers; against women’s rights; against Muslims; and so on.

People – we’re pretty much all in the same boat and it’s very, very leaky.

The American dream, the British dream and the Australian dream are just that – dreams, smoke in mirrors, propaganda to gladden the heart of that master of propaganda, Hermann Goering in Nazi Germany.  Because the super-wealthy are hogging even more wealth while the rest of us are getting an increasingly small share of the cake.

We don’t have to live on our knees though, reduced to little people cowering in fear, intolerance and selfishness. It’s not as if we’re powerless slaves. We, the people, can stand on our feet and cut through the smoke and mirrors of greed and hate.  We can stand together and overcome the divide-and-rule tactics of the Establishment gnomes and goblins.

We can fire up our souls to create a better world!

We can take action – people are on the march in various countries; social media has taken off as an organising tool; people are signing petitions like never before; people are standing up to the fracking standover merchants; and much more.

We have in our hands creativity, action outside the box, imagination, courage, fearlessness and the tools of cooperation and open, loving hearts.Activate them!

Just to wind up, below is a link to real people power in action: a couple of guys who’ve taken it upon themselves to tackle corruption in Illinois.

Anti-Corruption Action

Human soul on fire

Compassion Dwight Eisenhower


Goehring 1 Goehring


6 thoughts on “The Soul on Fire!

  1. Powerful stuff. I think the most powerful weapon on earth is Love. Trying to use it, to use it in the face of hatred, especially that. To light a candle for a loved one is easy, for an adversary? Love your artwork. 🙂


  2. No, not at the moment. It’s such a small island that refugees tend to head to the larger countries like Turkey, Italy and Germany. British jets are flying from the RAF base, Akrotiri in the south, which might incur some retaliation although we’ve heard that the view among Syrian fighters is that Cyprus doesn’t have a choice so isn’t marked for retaliation. We do understand that there are some African students at the universities here who are very radicalised but so far any clashes here have been between Turkish and Kurdish students.


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