Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, Future

I was thinking about the fact that the past has influenced who we are now, and who we are now will influence who we will be in the future.  Similarly, we stand on the back of our ancestors from time immemorial (hence the hand graphic to illustrate generational links from way back to the Stone Age) while future generations will stand on our backs.

If there’s a future Earth for future generations. I seem to be banging on about the future of this planet quite a bit, but it’s soul-destroying to see the advances made in Australia being wound back the present bunch of dinosaurs in government.

Given the science behind global warming, it beats me how politicians can pretend that climate change doesn’t exist. I’m quite sure history will look back and condemn those in government ranks and those in big business ranks who put service to profits ahead of the future survival of Mother Earth.

Thank goodness for all those taking action in small and big ways to preserve our earth so that future generations – our children, our children’s children, and so on – have an earth to inherit. I express my gratitude to all eco-activists because they’re gutsy, dedicated and have the foresight to take action now.

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