I’ve used the same image as my previous post but altered the colour to green to honour the beauty of the planet which sustains us.

I decided to use Ann’s photo, Kudzu ( because the Smoky Mountains are a truly beautiful part of Mother Earth.  I look at Ann’s photos and reflect on how lovely our earth looks from space, how awesome it looks in the Smokies, and how we treat this lovely planet of our with such disrespect and neglect.

The green colours represent love of Earth at the physical level, while the pink signifies spiritual love for our earthly home. The black plants around the edge represent the damage done to this planet. The lightning represents the wake-up call the human population is facing – to deal with the challenges of global warming, environmental pollution, destruction of our ecostructure and the despoilation of this earthly home of ours

What gives me hope are the large numbers of people involved in action to protect our ecological heritage and to stand up to huge corporations motivated only by short-term profit without any thought of what we bequeath to future nations.

I am also in including a link to a video which I think is brilliant, not only for the great music and throat-singing, but because of the message.

Ancient Tuvan Song “Boodey” (Sonnel) arranged in modern ambient style. Performed by Radik Tyulyush, famous tuvan singer, soloist Huun-Huur-Tu Group. Composed and arranged by Mapa (Alexey Ivanov), russian ethno-ambient composer, known for his work in the “Ivan Kupala” group. Video edited by Mapa from movie “Home” – director Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

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