Future Visions

Yesterday I picked up the prints I’d ordered of my digital art for my art exhibition on 22nd November. I’m thrilled because they look good – simple, uncomplicated and elegant (well, I think they are, anyway!).

Instead of canvas or framing, I deciding to get my art printed on light board.  It’s much cheaper – a huge consideration – but the prints are light, inexpensive to post as presents, and they suit the modernity of the digital art I create.

I got to thinking about innovation, new stuff and so on.  I’m all for the new and the future, mainly because – in astrological terms – I have Uranus (a planet governing the new, the unexpected, the future, new ideas, technological advance, independence, freedom, different perspectives, discovery, unconventionality) in my fifth house (creativity) in Aquarius which, likewise, is about change, innovation, rebellion,  idealism, humanitarian, visionary, freedom-loving, eccentric, genius, independent, individualistic, original, inventive, honest. By the way, these are the good points of both Uranus and Aquarius, I haven’t mentioned the downside!

My husband and I are living on the basic age pension. We are not well off and haven’t been since 1996 when Bryan was invalided out of the workforce due to spinal damage as a result of Ross River fever, spread by mosquitoes. I also copped fibromyalgia in 1999 which in turn left me on a disability allowance.

We have managed to get by, but not having great finances teaches you to be creative, inventive and resourceful. I was lucky to raise $90 in donations on GoFundMe from good people who donated and supported by my exhibition. I think it was a good lesson in learning to ask for help and to knowing that generous people are out there in the community.

Nevertheless, I do have some financial constraints so I’ve improvised. I live among the stars, I love futuristic stuff, fantasy, sci-fi, techie stuff and so on. And so it occurred to me that I could also hold a different type of exhibition – no quiet surrounds, no framed art or photographs, but art and photographs which are on unframed art board; the vision board art I’ve created over the years to cheer me on in activity, writing, dance and art; and the mixed media art on canvas (and unframed) which I created in Australia.  I’m also going to have balloons and streamers, and a friend of mine has kindly agreed to sing at my event.

I admit I have been worried about the costs, but feel far more relaxed now I’ve worked out my own way of holding my art exhibition. It’s why I’ve called this post “StarFlight” because the stars have inspired me all my life and I have enjoyed working out an innovative way to show my art within my financial constraints.  It’s all about thinking outside of the box, but it’s also about linking with the energy of the universe.

To finish, here’s a quote from my e-book “Astro-Crystal Mandala Healing” which I’m revising and which will be available shortly:

“To gaze at the stars is to be reminded again and again that we are creation, creation is us, our song on earth is creativity, the stars are us as we create, they are part of our hearts and souls, and there is no separation in the galaxy at all, we are interwoven and inter-dependent, all sparks of light in a great cosmic thread.”


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