Brilliant Basil

Brilliant Basil

I found another image I’d created and forgotten about today – a photo I took a while back of the basil plant in our garden which I’d fiddled with and then laid aside as I wasn’t very happy with it and wasn’t inspired enough at the time to carry on with the project.

The basil bush in our garden has gone stark, raving, monster loony – it is huge!  I have found that when basil finds just the right place it will go gangbusters. When we lived in Boonah, in south-east Queensland, we had a basil bush which was similarly profuse and which we had to cut back as it was taking over a lot of the garden.

The basil in our garden is smaller-leafed than the one we had in Australia and is slightly more bitter but it is just as nice. Basil would have to be one of my favourite herbs – the scent is absolutely divine. One of my favourite dishes is small pieces of sliced chicken breast, fried quickly with very little oil, then tossed with basil and creme fraiche – absolutely delicious!

Anyway, today I went to work on the original basil image with Pixlr and this is the result. Bon appetit!

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